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How to Eat Honeycomb

Honeycomb is rustic and sophisticated, sweet and rich, and a completely unique and delicious way to elevate your plate. But how, exactly, do you eat it? Here are some of our favourite ways to add honeycomb to our table.

Honeycomb is rustic and sophisticated, sweet and rich, and a completely unique and delicious way to elevate your plate.  

But honeycomb can pose a bit of a challenge for the uninitiated - how, exactly, do you eat it? Although the intricate comb may look like a tricky thing to navigate, raw honeycomb can be eaten as is - no work required! 

How to eat raw honeycomb | Drizzle Honey

Here are some of our favourite ways to add honeycomb to our table. 

  1. Spread a spoonful of honeycomb over butter on fresh, warm bread straight from the oven or toaster. It’s especially decadent on pancakes, waffles, and banana bread!
  2. Honeycomb is a great addition to any charcuterie board. It works wonderfully with bread, meat, fruit, and of course, cheese! If you like strong, flavourful cheeses, we recommend a chunk of honeycomb with blue cheese and a slice of pear or apple. If you like lighter, milder cheese, add honeycomb to a cracker with baked brie or camembert and a little rosemary.  
    how to eat raw honeycomb
  3. Start your day off right with a slice of honeycomb melting over a warm bowl of oatmeal, or into plain yogurt for a kick of natural sweetness.
    raw honeycomb on yogurt
  4. Honeycomb is a surprising addition that takes artisan pizza to the next level. Try a touch of honeycomb with salami and chili oil, or with prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, and basil.
    how to eat honeycomb
  5. Of course, the most deliciously indulgent way to eat honeycomb is straight from the container with a spoon! It’s a delightful way to begin the morning, a sweet lunchtime mood-booster, or a guilt-free treat at the end of a long day.
    eat honeycomb straight from the spoon

Drizzle honeycomb is a rare seasonal specialty. The light wax combs are 100% edible and filled to bursting with fresh, golden honey. Raw honeycomb is also the healthiest version of honey, retaining all of the pollen, enzymes, and microbial cultures that make honey such a nutritious powerhouse.  

Bring Drizzle honeycomb home to your kitchen today, and try it for yourself! And while you’re here, let us know all of your favourite ways to eat honeycomb in the comments. 

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