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Our Local Honey Story

Drizzle Honey Owner and Founder Aja Horsley holding three jars of Raw Honey

Founded in 2015 by Aja Horsley, Drizzle was created from a love of honey bees, local agriculture and natural, healthy productsAja (pronounced Asia) is an Environmental Scientist-turned-entrepreneur who previously led beekeeping projects for SAIT's Culinary and Research departments. Through her project work she recognized the urgent need to support the Canadian honey industry and became drawn to the luxurious colours, aromas and flavours that naturally occur in high quality honey. 

Drizzle was born shortly after to bring you boutique, sustainable honey products that support local beekeepers. Drizzle's natural honey varieties come from pollen and nectar gathered from flowers and hives in different locations and seasons. We keep our hives healthy and our honey raw; you can feel good about eating supporting the sustainability of beekeeping while also eating healthy pollen, enzymes and minerals.

Drizzle brings seasonal beauty, exceptional taste and sophistication to your table. We know Drizzle is the most luxurious, creamed, all-natural honey available. Go ahead and indulge!

Aja Horsley Owner and Fonder Yellow Signature