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It’s not a fluke that there has been so much buzz about Drizzle. In our short time since launch we have shipped to customers and retailers across Canada, been asked to do pop-up shops by top luxury retailers including Holt Renfrew and West Elm and been featured on television by one of Flare Magazine’s localists. So, what is all the buzz about?

Drizzle raw Honey Nurture Retreats

  It seemed like I was in the midst of a recipe for an exceptional line of raw honey products.

Over the course of about four years I began beekeeping, learning about the honey industry and sampling honey from around the world. I discovered that when produced properly, honey can change flavour and colour from season to season and from location to location. Much like wine, honey has terroir, or character to its flavour which is influenced by the environmental conditions and farming practices in which it is produced. To add to this, Canadian honey (in particular Alberta honey) is already recognized as a premium product across the world. It is so delicious, the majority of it is actually exported. It seemed like I was in the midst of a recipe for an exceptional line of raw honey products.

A friend recently included Drizzle in her care packages for her upcoming retreat* which centered on the relationship between creativity & self-care. She wrote in the most perfectly eloquent words “What's more luxurious and organic and indulgent than eating what is essentially a liquid love letter from bees.” I couldn’t agree more. Drizzle has always been about finding the perfect balance of luxury, while connecting consumers to a farm-based product. I always had that in mind as I started beekeeping, partnering with local beekeepers and carefully took the time to prepare a retail line of honey products that I could feel proud to share with the world.

Now just weeks into our retail launch, Drizzle proudly boasts two natural honey varieties. They are simply named Spring and Summer as they have been harvested at specific periods from our fields so that the unique flavours of the seasons can present themselves. Our spring honey is mid-sweet with tasting notes of chamomile, caramel and tangy dandelion. Drizzle summer honey has notes of wildflower, oak and clover, while being lighter in colour as a reflection of the flowers and nectar present in summer honeys’ harvest. Both varieties are creamed; the honey is churned for an extended period of time to break down the crystalline structure and create a buttery, smooth texture. We are able to capture these flavour characteristics, while maintaining raw honey’s natural health properties. And lastly, we are able to do this while integrating sustainable practices into the business. Our honey fields have been carefully selected to produce the finest honey, while supporting the hardworking, humble beekeepers that kindly take care of our honey bee populations.

I’d like to leave you with a quote which I keep posted in my office …“In the ever changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.” – Howard Shultz

I hope you all enjoy Drizzle as much as I have enjoyed making it.



Owner, Drizzle Honey

*Nurture Retreats

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