Superfood Honey Collection

The moment you didn't even know you were waiting for, again.  

All the busy bees at Drizzle have been working hard to get our new offerings out of the hives and into your hands. The Superfood Honey Collection features premium, health-conscious ingredients masterfully whipped into our coveted raw honey. 

Ginger Shine Honey

Drizzle Ginger Shine Raw Online Honey

Our coveted raw honey is blended with ginger, lemon zest oil, elderflower extract, chamomile extract and lemon verbena extract to create an elevated, functional elixir. Stir into tea or cocktails for a bright and soothing tonic or a calming nightcap. Drizzle Ginger Shine is sunshine in a jar.  

The soothing notes of ginger and lemon are the perfect addition to your nightly rituals.  

Turmeric Gold Honey

Drizzle Turmeric Gold Honey

Drizzle Turmeric Gold is our take on the traditional golden milk elixir; our raw honey is creamed with turmeric, cardamom extract, black pepper extract and rose oil. Stir into steamed milk or chai tea for a rich, aromatic treat, spread on your kiddos toast or eat a spoonful daily for full benefits. 

Replace part of the required sugar in recipes such as carrot cakes and vanilla cookies for a unique twist. Sign up for our newsletters to get a sugar-to-honey conversion chart! 

Cacao Luxe Honey

Upgrade your morning espresso, indulge by the spoonful, or elevate a simple cake into something unforgettable with Drizzle Cacao Luxe 

The days of reaching for the Nutella jar are over. This alluring yet functional honey will be your families new favourite spread with all the benefits that raw honey and raw cacao have to offer.

Don't wait, shop now to get your hands on these little everyday luxuries.  

We can't wait for you to try them and we hope you will share them with all the honey lovers in your life.

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