Drizzle Berry Bliss Raw Honey - Antioxidant Blend

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Lush, juicy and bursting with super berry goodness, Drizzle Berry Bliss makes for a perfect, energizing addition to your day. Drizzle onto baked goods, blend into a vinaigrette or enjoy by the spoonful.

Ingredients: Raw Drizzle Honey, Organic Dried Wild Blueberry, Organic Schisandra, Beet extract, Organic Goji, Organic Açaí, Blueberry extract.

Delicious ways to enjoy your Drizzle: Stir into tea or hot water, drizzle over raw energy bars, use in a berry vinagrette, mix into smoothies, create a custom cocktail, make a honey berry compote, blend into fresh fruit popsicles, drizzle over plain yogurt, the possibilities are endless!

Drizzle Honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about. We're completely raw, bee-friendly, and support Canadian beekeepers too!