Drizzle Raw Honey at William Sonoma

A Drizzle Pop-up Shop, Williams Sonoma Style

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Earlier this year we were really excited to accept an invite from Williams Sonoma for a Drizzle pop-up shop in their Calgary, Alberta location. As growing brand, pop-up shops are a great way to showcase product and interact with new customers in a retail setting. In this case we were extra spoiled because we spent the afternoon making honey crepes for their customers in their in-store kitchen (more about that later)!


As a major foodie myself, I’ve been swooning over Williams Sonoma since I was a teenager. Started in 1956 in Sonoma, California by Chuck Williams, their stores have been inspired by a passion for bringing people together around cooking and enjoying good food. You feel this as soon as you walk in the store and we couldn’t have been happier to have Drizzle be a part of their creative culinary atmosphere.



Pop-up shops are a pretty simple concept. They are all a little different, but basically a brand gets to bring in their product line, sample it, interact with the stores regular customers and make some sales while they are at it. Williams Sonoma boasts an in-store kitchen so we obviously took advantage of that and created a fun day out of making and sampling Drizzle honey, fresh fruit, Drizzle honey comb and brie crepes. Perfection!


Our crepes were a really simple recipe but delicious. We created warm crepes on a buttered pan using the William Sonoma crepe mix, then added one or more of the below, rolled them up and served them with Drizzle honey smoothed on the inside or drizzled on top!

          Interested in learning more about Williams Sonoma? Check out their website their website here. Have any questions about pop-up shops or Drizzle? Leave them in the comments below!


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