Drizzle's Queen Bee

Drizzle's Queen Bee

Meet our Queen Bee, Aja! For those of you who aren't familiar with this bee-utiful face, Aja is the mastermind behind Drizzle Honey.

Drizzle Honey Founder Aja Horsley Posing with jars of raw Canadian honey


Here are a few fun facts about her:

  • When Aja was a kid, she wanted to be an orthodontist. By university, she had enrolled in psychology, but eventually ended up getting a degree in Environmental Science.
  • She has a German Shepard-Sharpei named Chase!
  • Aja's favourite place in Canada is PEI. Her family has owned a cabin there since the 1970s.
  • Her biggest accomplishment with Drizzle so far has been getting support in warehousing and distribution in Ottawa.
  • Her go-to snack is honey paired with cheese and crackers.
  • As far as nicknames go, her friends call her Aj, but her dad calls her Squeak.
  • Her favourite tv show at the moment is American Crime on Netflix.
  • Aja's best business advice is inspired by Seth Godin: Tell a better story and the market will find you.
  • Aja's favourite bee and honey puns are subtle. She likes to say "There's a lot of buzz around Drizzle"!
  • For obvious reasons, Aja's favourite type of bee is the honey bee.

Bonus: Aja's favourite Drizzle Honey product is honeycomb, available here!

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