cinnamon spiced jar of honey

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Holiday Foodie Bundlehot honey
Holiday Foodie Bundle
Sale price$53.99 Regular price$55.99
Hot Honey, Cacao Luxe, Cinnamon Spiced, Honey Dipper
Drizzle X Milk Jar Bundle
Sale price$47.99
Limited Edition
We've paired up with Milk Jar Candle Company to create an exclusive Drizzle X Milk Jar holiday bu...
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Immunity Bundleginger shine honey
Immunity Bundle
Sale price$57.99 Regular price$60.99
Golden Honey, Ginger Shine, Turmeric Gold and a Honey Dipper
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Drizzle Holiday BundleTaster trio
Drizzle Holiday Bundle
Sale price$89.99 Regular price$95.99
The perfect holiday bundle to gift this season! Details on our sweater: Soft, smooth and made for...
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Taster TrioTaster Trio
Taster Trio
Sale price$19.99
White, Cinnamon Spiced and Turmeric Gold Minis
Drizzle's most requested product to date. The Drizzle Taster Trio takes you through the best sell...
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Cinnamon SpicedCinnamon Spiced
Cinnamon Spiced
Sale price$12.99
Raw Honey - 350g
Drizzle Cinnamon Spiced Raw Honey is warm and inviting. Spread over toast, stir into oatmeal or y...
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Cinnamon Spiced BundleDrizzle Cinnamon Spiced Raw Honey being drizzled into the jar with a spoon.
Cinnamon Spiced Bundle
Sale price$37.99 Regular price$38.99
Raw Honey - 350g
Beeswax Wrap
Sale price$17.99
Made from 100% cotton, Vancouver Island sourced beeswax, pine tree resin, and jojoba oil, each wr...
White and Golden Raw Honey with Honey Dipper
The Everyday Collection Starter Set is the perfect introduction to our highly coveted honey. This...
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Little Bee Favorites BundleLittle Bee Favorites Bundle
Little Bee Favorites Bundle
Sale price$44.99 Regular price$48.99
Berry Bliss, Cacao Luxe, White mini, Cinnamon Spiced mini
Drizzle Cacao Luxe and Berry Bliss, along with our Cinnamon Spiced and White mini jars are our mo...
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Superfood Honey BundleSuperfood Honey Bundle
Superfood Honey Bundle
Sale price$64.99 Regular price$71.99
Berry Bliss, Cacao Luxe, Ginger Shine and Turmeric Gold Raw Honey
Take the guess work out of your decision! Our Superfood Honey bundle includes all 4 Drizzle Supe...
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Mini White Raw Honey (12 Pack)Mini White Raw Honey (12 Pack)
Mini White Raw Honey (12 Pack)
Sale price$64.99 Regular price$71.99
80g x 12
Drizzle Mini White Raw Honey is the perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or party favour.Drizz...
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Honey DipperHoney Dipper
Honey Dipper
Sale price$7.99
Drizzle Honey Dipper is a must-have for any honey lover. The sleek 6" dipper controls honey flow ...